Friday, January 6, 2017

How to unlock Samsung Galaxy S4?

Are you facing problems with unlocking your Samsung galaxy S4? No tension, Just follwo this instruction below and unlock your samsung galaxy s4 for free. In previous post you have seen that I have showed you how to network unlock code samsung galaxy S5.

Now I will show you -

How to unlock Samsung  Galaxy S4

Step 1: Switch ON your Samsung Galaxy S4  with a not Accepted SIM Card,
Step 2: Phone will ask for unlock code.
Step 3: Now enter this unlock code - 63368263 and press unlock.

Your phone will unlock within a few seconds

Some common questions on unlock code Samsung Galagy S4

Will it safe to unlock Samsung  Galaxy S4 ?
it is 100% safe for your Samsung  Galaxy S4.

Will Samsung Galaxy S4 unlocking void my warranty?
No,  unlocking won't affect your warranty. Your phone will be unlocked same way as manufacturer would do it. All new devices are by default unlocked. Manufacturers are locking devices on carriers demand, so when you unlock samsung Galaxy S4 TDD LTE you're restoring factory setting (no lock at all).

Why should I unlock my Samsung Galaxy S4 ?
After unlocking Samsung Galaxy S4 I950  TDD LTE. you will be able to access any carrier sim card support. It's useful on multiple occasions: when you want to use phone abroad without roam fees and using sim card bought there or when you want to change carriers.

How long will it take to unlock  samsung Galaxy S4 ?
Unlock time for samsung Galaxy S4  differs between services. When available unlock time is displayed in list below.

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