Wednesday, October 19, 2016

How to Enter Unlock Code into Sony Xperia for SIM unlock for Free.

I'm writing this article for them who are facing SIM Lock or Country Lock Problems of Sony Xperia Mobile. I'm here to solve your problems. You will get your unlock code for sony xperia absolutely free. Here you will get unlock code instructions only and you will get free unlock code for your Sony Xperia Mobile in your e-mail when you will comment below. 

Before going to unlock you need - 
  • Charge Your Battery Above 80% (Full Remanded by us)
  • Remove your SD card and SIM Card
  • Third: Backup your Mobile Phone / Cell Phone
  • You Should know all steps of hard reset of you sell phone's specific model

Warning: We always advised you to keep back up your phone settings and all your data before trying these codes. Save all phone numbers, important massage and other information to the sim or memory card etc. Some phones clear the phone memory when it reset. 

Unlocking Sony Xperia from At&t by unlock code is a easiest way of unlock system, it is also safest and  method. Because you don't need any cable or any software  to unlock code Sony Xperia,. So lets we see how?

Now let's we learn -      

How to Enter Unlock Code into Sony Xperia for SIM unlock absolutely free.

Please follow this instruction step by step to unlock your Sony Xperia

Step 1: Insert a non accepted SIM card. and  Restart your phone. (After start you will noticed that your phones network signal will not appear.)
Step 2: Now click on power button. 
Here you will see 3 option   
Power off
Airplane Mode
Step 3: Now Click on "Airplane Mode" (Now your phone will for ask unlock code)
Step 4: Now enter your your unlock code. (you will get 16 digit unlock code from us in your email)
Step 5: If you can enter unlock code successfully then your phone will permanently unlock. 
(Remember: do not enter the more than 3 times.)

Now your phone is permanently unlocked and enjoy ...

 NB: We are not responsible for any damage of loss of date from your phone.

Some common questions answers:

Q: How do I write comment to get free unlock code for my Sony Xperia?
A: Just write a comment by typing your problems with
Unlock code Sony Xperia Z
Country: Japan
IMEI: 353768056525988
lease send unlock key to email:

Q: How I shall get in this website?
A: You will get only unlock code instruction and you will get your unlock code in your E-mail.

Q: Will this will reset my phone?
A: No, This phone will works only for unlocking country lock or SIM Lock.

Q: Will my phone unlock permanently? or It will need to unlock again?
A: Yes, Your phone will unlock permanently so you did not need to unlock your sony xperia mobile again.

Q: How many times I can try this unlock code?
A: You can try this unlock code only 3 times. Remember if you try wrong unlock code more than 10 times, then your phone will permanently locked. So always remember.

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